LS 100 Series


  • Standard ranges to 40 revolutions.
  • Stop rotation is continuously adjustable throughout the full range.
  • Range is set by means of a single screw at the end of the unit.
  • Flange mounted.
  • Meet the applicable environmental and materials sections of MIL-E-5400.
  • Corrosion resistant steel and anodized aluminum construction.
  • Precision ball bearings.

The LS 100 Series Limit Stops feature extremely simple range setting, low inertia, low starting friction, and large turns capacity.

They eliminate the time, cost, and engineering effort required to design, develop and procure limit stops for each new application.

They enable the designer to consider the limit stop as a component and to design with it in the same manner as with potentiometers, motors, and other standard synchro mounted units.

Changing the full scale stop range to accommodate tolerance variations which occur in normal fabrication and assembly operations.

The large number of turns available allows the stop to be placed at the low torque, high speed, portion of a gear train thereby freeing the low speed gears from large stopping loads.

The simplicity of adjustment and the large number of available turns enables the stop range to be set with extreme precision.

All Units:
Starting Torque: .04 oz in. max
Shaft Run out: .001 T.I.R. max
Shaft-Pilot Run out: .001 T.I.R. max

Part No.Range RevsInertia
(oz. in. sec2)
Rating Oz.
LS1010-103.9 x 10- 5/32.7500
LS1020-407.2 x 10-61.780.062.875.0781 7/8.7500
LS104D0-201.7 x 10-6.7530.050.625.0621 15/64.3125

Stops may be ordered permanently preset to any rotation within their range. Designs with increased ranges and special shafts are available. See bulletin 104 for units with limit switches.