Company History

Precision Mechanisms Corp. (PMC) was started by Leon N. Canick & Charles S Aldrich, the original company President & Vice President respectively, both Chief Engineers in 1957. Mr. Canick was a graduate of Columbia University, a mechanical engineer by trade. Mr. Aldrich was a graduate of Cooper Union University and also a mechanical engineer by trade. Both were former employees of Bell Labs, and also Servo Mechanisms Corp. where they both held senior mechanical engineering positions. Mr. Aldrich (Charlie to most) was credited with the design of the PMC Cam Switch and was the creative and innovative individual behind the scenes, whereas Leon was responsible for the business side of the company. The company was then acquired by Daniel Z. Petrasek / Emilia Petrasek in 1998. Mr. Petrasek was with the company since 1988 as General Manager, also a Columbia University graduate and engineer. Emily joined the company in 2000 and worked as VP of sales.

Our current President and CEO Mr. Louis LiBassi has been with the company since 1990 in the capacity of Production Manager and AS-ISO Mgt. Rep. with over 40 years of manufacturing management experience and he holds both an MBA and Engineering degrees.

PMC developed designs, particularly of the cam switch assemblies, have been patented. The cam mechanism principle is unique in design for size and weight.

In 2006, the company increased sales due to manufacturing efforts in the area of Boeing Commercial Aircraft with their 737 programs. Cam Switch assembly’s custom built for the 737 Autothrottle, generated a 60% increase in sales. Boeing continues to offer long term contracts for these items.

Our Mission and Core Beliefs:
Our Mission is to transform innovative ideas into long-term value for our customers, employees and shareholders.
This mission is furthered by our Core Beliefs, values which have been integral to our culture since the company’s founding. Firm commitments to employee dignity, safety and well-being; continuous innovation; and integrity and ethical behavior guide our business wherever we operate throughout the world.

How do we grow from here?

Evolution is key to growth and sustainability. For us, that means moving beyond, but not away from our core products. It means introducing new functionalities. That will empower you (The Customer) to do more and at a faster rate than ever before. Above all, it means continuing to be a partner you can turn to any time you have questions or need a product in short notice.

We Strive for Continual Improvement

– Company Motto / Quality Policy